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WiZ Hero Wifi Smart full colour portable 360° light


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  • PORTABLE LIGHT – A handy, wireless lamp with a rechargeable built-in battery. Take this portable light wherever you go, to illuminate a garden party, a romantic dinner, or even story time with the kids. This lamp features touch control, letting you tap it twice anywhere on its base to turn it on or off – without the need for your smartphone or voice assistant.
  • HUMAN-CENTRIC LIGHTING – Choose from a wide range of energizing cool white to soft warm white light, or simply select from the preset modes such as Focus and Relax to create the best ambiance for your activities.
  • EASY TO SET UP – Start enjoying the benefits of the smart features instantly. Just screw in your new bulb, download the WiZ v2 app, connect to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, and you’re ready to go! No need to install additional hardware, such as a hub or gateway.
  • EASY TO USE – Adjust lights with your smartphone, voice, the WiZ remote control, or your existing wall switch to toggle between your favorite modes. Works with Google Home, Alexa, and Siri Shortcuts.
  • SCHEDULE YOUR LIGHTS – Automate your smart lights to follow your daily or weekly routines. Schedule your lights to turn on in the morning or before you arrive home, and keep them off to save energy when they are not necessary.
  • MILLIONS OF COLOURS – Choose any light color you like or simply apply a dynamic light mode we designed for you. Fireplace or Ocean, for example, will help you create an amazing atmosphere and lift your mood.
  • CONTROL FROM ANYWHERE – No need to worry if lights are left on while no one’s home. Simply turn them off from wherever you are with your smartphone.
  • MONITOR ENERGY CONSUMPTION – Get an overview of the energy consuy on top of your energy consumption at home.mption of your lights with the WiZ app. Easily access a weekly or daily report to help you stay.

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